I first played the pipes when I was in my twenties, but stopped playing after a few years as I began work on my Master's degree. Early in 1994, I decided to play again, and literally had to start over! My first teacher, both times, was Dick Hersh. Since 1994, I have studied with Court Smith and David Daye, attended summer piping schools, where I've studied with Sandy Jones, Ed Neigh, Roddy McLeod, Nick Hudson, Willie McCallum, Brian Donaldson, and Calum Beaumont, and also had a few lessons from Alasdair Gillies and Iain Macey. I competed successfully several times as a soloist in 1998, and was advanced a grade for the 1999 season, but I stopped solo competition when I joined the Cyril-Scott Pipe Band that year. Please visit my piping website for more information.

The Present

Presently, I do most of the teaching for the Miami Valley Pipes and Drums, which meets on Tuesday afternoon and evening. The lessons are free, with the understanding that students will play with the band when they're ready.


"The man of the pipes is worth seven men of claymore and targe. Poor would be their work were it not for his breath, that puts iron into their hearts and strength in their arms." - from The Black Chanter by Nimmo Christie, 1903

I'm a member of the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association, and in addition to the Miami Valley Pipes and Drums, I've played with several other band over the years, including:

  • Dayton Thistle Pipe Band
  • Cincinnati Caledonian Pipe Band
  • Cyril-Scott