Genealogy of the Bryan and Martin Families

Allegany County, Maryland


Tree: Bryan-Martin

County/Shire : Latitude: 39.580981, Longitude: -78.690678


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Ruth  cir 1776Allegany County, Maryland I17931
2 Combs, Mary Margaret  3 May 1803Allegany County, Maryland I24917
3 Dawson, Ann  7 Aug 1779Allegany County, Maryland I82
4 Dawson, Benjamin B.  cir 1760Allegany County, Maryland I17930
5 Dawson, William  cir 1738Allegany County, Maryland I17932
6 Frost, Ann  cir 1794Allegany County, Maryland I10126
7 Frost, Isaiah  cir 1782Allegany County, Maryland I10119
8 Frost, Josiah  20 Jul 1790Allegany County, Maryland I10121
9 Frost, Margaret  cir 1784Allegany County, Maryland I10127
10 Frost, Meshack  10 Mar 1788Allegany County, Maryland I10120
11 George, Elizabeth  cir 1738Allegany County, Maryland I17933
12 Long, Ardella  15 Sep 1868Allegany County, Maryland I8838
13 Magruder, Catharine Ann  8 Apr 1830Allegany County, Maryland I70
14 Magruder, Daniel B.  20 Nov 1827Allegany County, Maryland I69
15 Magruder, John W.  30 Mar 1803Allegany County, Maryland I67
16 Magruder, Martha Ellen  20 Nov 1809Allegany County, Maryland I83
17 Magruder, Mary Ann  11 Feb 1813Allegany County, Maryland I84
18 Magruder, Thomas Samuel  3 Oct 1835Allegany County, Maryland I73
19 McKenzie, Benjamin Franklin  22 Oct 1823Allegany County, Maryland I8702
20 McKenzie, Helen Ardilla  4 Nov 1897Allegany County, Maryland I8839
21 McKenzie, Jesse  1792Allegany County, Maryland I8631
22 McKenzie, John Frank  4 Feb 1850Allegany County, Maryland I8758
23 McKenzie, Samuel  1751Allegany County, Maryland I8565
24 McKenzie, Susanna  8 Mar 1815Allegany County, Maryland I8659
25 McKenzie, Walter Josiah  8 Feb 1860Allegany County, Maryland I8750
26 Porter, Josiah  1 OR 10 October 1799Allegany County, Maryland I10129
27 Porter, Margaret Agnes  1804Allegany County, Maryland I8575
28 Shaw, Andrew Bruce  1837Allegany County, Maryland I17912
29 Shaw, Benjamin Burbridge  1825Allegany County, Maryland I17909
30 Shaw, Catharine  1804Allegany County, Maryland I17904
31 Shaw, David  1799Allegany County, Maryland I17902
32 Shaw, Elizabeth  1801Allegany County, Maryland I17903
33 Shaw, Fanny Susan  1853Allegany County, Maryland I17917
34 Shaw, Franklin Benjamin  1863Allegany County, Maryland I17922
35 Shaw, George  1785Allegany County, Maryland I17896
36 Shaw, Helen Marr  1859Allegany County, Maryland I17920
37 Shaw, Henry  1792Allegany County, Maryland I17899
38 Shaw, Henry Clay  cir 1820Allegany County, Maryland I17911
39 Shaw, James  cir 1820Allegany County, Maryland I17906
40 Shaw, John  1787Allegany County, Maryland I17897
41 Shaw, John Scott  cir 1820Allegany County, Maryland I17910
42 Shaw, Joseph  1797Allegany County, Maryland I17901
43 Shaw, Margaret  1789Allegany County, Maryland I17898
44 Shaw, Margaret Ann  1840Allegany County, Maryland I17913
45 Shaw, Mary Burns  1869Allegany County, Maryland I17924
46 Shaw, Millered Stewart  1866Allegany County, Maryland I17923
47 Shaw, Oscar K.  1861Allegany County, Maryland I17921
48 Shaw, Patsy Elliot  cir 1820Allegany County, Maryland I17908
49 Shaw, William  1794Allegany County, Maryland I17900
50 Shaw, William Burns  1818Allegany County, Maryland I17907


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Elizabeth  13 May 1813Allegany County, Maryland I1266
2 Alexander, Mary Ann  12 Mar 1854Allegany County, Maryland I8787
3 Beall, Sarah  1805Allegany County, Maryland I511
4 Boor, Margaret  19 Nov 1908Allegany County, Maryland I8754
5 Dawson, Benjamin B.  cir 1829Allegany County, Maryland I17930
6 Dawson, Edward  11 Sep 1794Allegany County, Maryland I1265
7 Dawson, William  cir 1802Allegany County, Maryland I17932
8 Dawson, William  26 Nov 1822Allegany County, Maryland I19363
9 Frost, Josiah  cir 1819Allegany County, Maryland I10118
10 Long, Ardella  19 Jun 1904Allegany County, Maryland I8838
11 Magruder, Samuel Beall  cir 1800Allegany County, Maryland I504
12 Magruder, Zachariah  cir 1796Allegany County, Maryland I510
13 McKenzie, Charles Jacob  2 Jan 1926Allegany County, Maryland I8761
14 McKenzie, Gabriel  Aft 1792Allegany County, Maryland I8547
15 McKenzie, James Moses  10 Jan 1873Allegany County, Maryland I8595
16 McKenzie, Jesse  3 Jan 1863Allegany County, Maryland I8631
17 McKenzie, Joshua  cir 1870Allegany County, Maryland I8629
18 McKenzie, Moses  1779Allegany County, Maryland I8551
19 McKenzie, Nancy Ann  Aft 1786Allegany County, Maryland I664
20 Porter, Moses  1794Allegany County, Maryland I665
21 Shaw, William  1 Jul 1815Allegany County, Maryland I17890
22 Sheckel, Rebecca  10 Aug 1800Allegany County, Maryland I505
23 Trimble, Charlotte  1 May 1844Allegany County, Maryland I17893
24 Winters, Catherine  14 Nov 1864Allegany County, Maryland I8637
25 Winters, Elizabeth  1873Allegany County, Maryland I8636


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Magruder, Zachariah  3 May 1796Allegany County, Maryland I510


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dawson / Magruder  24 Dec 1817Allegany County, Maryland F5391
2 Dorris / Frost  Allegany County, Maryland F4027
3 Frost / Magers  16 Jun 1812Allegany County, Maryland F4033
4 Frost / McNair  14 Apr 1812Allegany County, Maryland F4034
5 Frost / Neff  13 Oct 1806Allegany County, Maryland F4031
6 Magruder / Dawson  13 Feb 1797Allegany County, Maryland F20
7 Major / Porter  16 Nov 1817Allegany County, Maryland F9642
8 McKenzie / Alexander  19 Sep 1845Allegany County, Maryland F3509
9 McKenzie / Alexander  18 Jun 1864Allegany County, Maryland F3520
10 McKenzie / Durbin  16 May 1808Allegany County, Maryland F3473
11 McKenzie / Greenwade  20 Feb 1855Allegany County, Maryland F3506
12 McKenzie / Loar  20 Apr 1886Allegany County, Maryland F3522
13 McKenzie / Spelman  16 Jun 1810Allegany County, Maryland F3449
14 McKenzie / Spelman  22 Jun 1829Allegany County, Maryland F3448
15 McKenzie / Winters  23 Jan 1818Allegany County, Maryland F3465
16 Porter / Combs  3 Aug 1822Allegany County, Maryland F9648
17 Porter / Wade  20 Apr 1826Allegany County, Maryland F7393