Genealogy of the Bryan and Martin Families

Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland


Tree: Bryan-Martin

City : Latitude: 56.709265, Longitude: -2.4674


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bartie, Catherine  cir 1861Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I24716
2 Maney, Annie  4 Apr 1863Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I14400
3 Maney, David  17 Jan 1857Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I14397
4 Maney, Jessie  19 Mar 1865Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I14401
5 Maney, John Garibaldi  19 Jun 1860Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I14399
6 Maney, Peter  3 Aug 1855Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I14396
7 Maney, Thomas  24 Jul 1858Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I14398
8 Taylor, Robert  1887Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I24163
9 York, Betsy  22 Jun 1866Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I9554
10 York, William Drummond  25 Aug 1864Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland I9553