Genealogy of the Bryan and Martin Families

Loudoun County, Virginia


Tree: Bryan-Martin

County/Shire : Latitude: 39.085434, Longitude: -77.645197


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Adrian  23 Aug 1855Loudoun County, Virginia I14687
2 Baldwin, Anna May  18 Nov 1856Loudoun County, Virginia I14651
3 Baldwin, Charlotte  1807Loudoun County, Virginia I899
4 Baldwin, Emily Jackson Gibson  22 Nov 1824Loudoun County, Virginia I1262
5 Baldwin, Emily L.  27 Aug 1860Loudoun County, Virginia I14652
6 Baldwin, James  cir 1777Loudoun County, Virginia I921
7 Baldwin, Joseph  cir 1778Loudoun County, Virginia I9477
8 Baldwin, Joseph  4 Jan 1787Loudoun County, Virginia I14753
9 Baldwin, Joseph  cir 1817Loudoun County, Virginia I13316
10 Baldwin, Julian  24 Mar 1858Loudoun County, Virginia I2860
11 Baldwin, Lucinda  cir 1813Loudoun County, Virginia I13314
12 Baldwin, Mahlon Kirkbride  28 Aug 1820Loudoun County, Virginia I1245
13 Baldwin, Mary Ann  17 Nov 1813Loudoun County, Virginia I13659
14 Baldwin, Massa  cir 1789Loudoun County, Virginia I14754
15 Baldwin, Orion  3 Feb 1863Loudoun County, Virginia I14653
16 Baldwin, Robert Julian  28 Sep 1895Loudoun County, Virginia I14694
17 Baldwin, Samuel  3 Jan 1776Loudoun County, Virginia I14748
18 Baldwin, Stacey  cir 1774Loudoun County, Virginia I920
19 Baldwin, Stacey  9 Nov 1806Loudoun County, Virginia I13312
20 Baldwin, Susannah  cir 1783Loudoun County, Virginia I14750
21 Baldwin, Thomas J.  Feb 1825Loudoun County, Virginia I1252
22 Baldwin, William  cir 1808Loudoun County, Virginia I13313
23 Chamblin, Nina Elizabeth  11 Nov 1892Loudoun County, Virginia I23445
24 Janney, Elizabeth Rebecca  1849Loudoun County, Virginia I14688
25 Logan, Annie  cir 1854Loudoun County, Virginia I14706
26 Tavenner, George Washington  cir 1840Loudoun County, Virginia I3105


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Elizabeth  Mar 1839Loudoun County, Virginia I14656
2 Baldwin, John  cir 1806Loudoun County, Virginia I918
3 Baldwin, Joseph  Aft 1773Loudoun County, Virginia I9470
4 Baldwin, Joseph  cir 1815Loudoun County, Virginia I9477
5 Baldwin, Julian  16 Jan 1939Loudoun County, Virginia I2860
6 Baldwin, Mahlon  1 Jan 1834Loudoun County, Virginia I922
7 Baldwin, Ruth Hannah Love  1895Loudoun County, Virginia I13668
8 McVeigh, Jesse  27 Jun 1856Loudoun County, Virginia I15242
9 Sotcher, Mercy  7 Jun 1819Loudoun County, Virginia I919


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baldwin / Brown  15 Feb 1813Loudoun County, Virginia F453
2 Baldwin / Chamblin  22 Oct 1889Loudoun County, Virginia F5726
3 Baldwin / Chamblin  28 Jun 1923Loudoun County, Virginia F8994
4 Baldwin / McVeigh  22 Aug 1805Loudoun County, Virginia F452
5 Baldwin / Vansickler  14 Nov 1854Loudoun County, Virginia F454
6 Ewers / Baldwin  21 May 1845Loudoun County, Virginia F459
7 Jones / Baldwin  1 Sep 1834Loudoun County, Virginia F5712
8 Tavenner / Baldwin  21 Aug 1838Loudoun County, Virginia F458